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What is Stainless Steel Sheet?

25.06.2015 / İhsan KARADİREK
Stainless steel sheets are divided into certain classes as quality and usage area and these are expressed as quality.

Stainless steel sheets are divided into certain classes as quality and usage area and these are expressed as quality.304,304L, 316,316L, 316TI, 321,309,309S, 310,310S, 430 and 201,202 and are the most commonly used stainless grades in our country.

We provide our customers with quality products in every quality with the principle of quick and timely delivery. We are always available in our 304 quality sheet metal ware which is the most widely used steel sheet and is available from 0.20mm to 100mm continuously. These sheets exhibit oxidation resistance up to 700-800 degrees Celsius.
Areas of Use: Although the usage areas of stainless steel sheets are very common and an industrial material, the amount of usage in our country is quite low. In fact, stainless metal is an investment tool. It is durable, hygienic, easy to clean and even a lifetime material. Stainless steel and stainless steels are generally Petrochemical plants in the food industry in the industrial kitchen are used in the construction and automotive sector in the heat exchangers, in the water tanks, in the mounting of the elevator cabins and floor buttons in the acid boilers.
309 and 310 quality sheets are the most resistant to heat and are available from 1.5mm to 10mm in our warehouses.
These quality sheets are capable of withstanding heat of 1000-1200 degrees Celsius.
The usage areas of 310 quality sheets are generally used in heat exchangers in Petro chemical plants and they are resistant to temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius and have friction ability up to 850 degrees Celsius.
Since our company has been established since we are more suitable than other competitors in stainless steel sheet prices, we have been determined your positive and nice reactions by our valued customers.

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